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One Trial Lawyer’s Final Argument to the Amendment One Jury

Members of the jury, I want to thank you for your patience and attention for the past two months in this very important case. Our system of justice cannot work without citizens participating in the process. You have done that well and very soon, … Continue reading

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Votes on Amendment One by County, City and Town Boards – Is it just politics, or is there more at stake?

County, city and town boards across the state have been passing resolutions for and against Amendment One. When the vote is a unanimous vote for or against the amendment, you can tell something about the constituency of the municipal body. Typically, the leaders of … Continue reading

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Amendment One – Is it a Shotgun Wedding or a Shotgun Target Practice?

You know the story.  Young couple gets pregnant in the backwoods of somewhere.  Daddy gets his shotgun out and there is a marriage under the nearest oak tree. In this little Hatfield and McCoy drama, everyone at the wedding is uncomfortable.  Daddy … Continue reading

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Buzzardgate, Campbellgate or Tamigate — Uncovering the Amendment One truth behind the Campbell law professors’ paper

In the last ten days, three legal “experts” from Campbell Law School parachuted in to try to save the legal day for the “For” side of this debate. Up until recently, the “For” side’s strategy in this debate was simple.  Ride the wave of … Continue reading

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Where is the morality in Amendment One?

Many people are planning to vote for Amendment One because they want to vote “for marriage”. In fact, the campaign by the supporters of Amendment One have made it clear that this vote is about marriage.  This is evidenced in their sermons, … Continue reading

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40 Posts in the Amendment One Wilderness – Many Suppporters are not listening – But there is hope

When I started this Truth project, several months and 40 posts ago, my goal was to contribute to public education on the subject of Amendment One. I have tried to be true to that goal.  I have provided information about … Continue reading

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Who moved my Amendment One cheese?

There is a best-selling book by Spencer Johnson, M.D., entitled “Who moved my cheese?”  It is about change, the fact that it happens and how people deal with it. The legal profession, like most businesses and other professions, has changed … Continue reading

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