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The Roller Coaster of Healing and Christmas Magic

It’s been a while since I posted on this site. After the North Carolina voters passed Amendment One, I’ve been holding onto my seat as if it were the front car in a roller coaster ride. We’ve seen some excited … Continue reading

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We fought the good Amendment One fight – A Time for Thanks – A Time for Reflection

Watching the Amendment One results come in on Tuesday night was not easy. Realizing that Amendment One would pass was disconcerting. Learning that Amendment One had passed was painful. And yet.  And yet.  We should be thankful.  I certainly am. I am thankful for … Continue reading

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One Trial Lawyer’s Final Argument to the Amendment One Jury

Members of the jury, I want to thank you for your patience and attention for the past two months in this very important case. Our system of justice cannot work without citizens participating in the process. You have done that well and very soon, … Continue reading

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Does Amendment One love all the little children of the world?

One of the arguments the Vote yes for Amendment One group makes is that a child is best raised in a home having a married father and mother, who are the biological parents of the child. The supporters of Amendment One say that children … Continue reading

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Guest Post – A vote for Amendment One is a vote Against Love

This post is courtesy of Sarah Brady, a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC.  As part of her practice, Sarah advises both straight and gay individuals on family law legal issues.  Sarah helped me understand some of the nuances of NC family law, … Continue reading

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Votes on Amendment One by County, City and Town Boards – Is it just politics, or is there more at stake?

County, city and town boards across the state have been passing resolutions for and against Amendment One. When the vote is a unanimous vote for or against the amendment, you can tell something about the constituency of the municipal body. Typically, the leaders of … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Religious Marriage, Legal Marriage and Freedom

This post is courtesy of Brian S. Clarke, Assistant Professor of Law at Charlotte Law School.  Before joining the faculty at Charlotte Law School, Brian was a practicing NC lawyer and an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Washington & Lee University School … Continue reading

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