This blog is designed to provide facts related to Amendment One, the bill to add a marriage provision to the North Carolina Constitution. 

Before the vote occurs, I hope to provide enough information to lead one to conclude that a vote Against Amendment One is a good vote, irrespective of one’s religious beliefs, and perhaps, for some people, because of them as well. 

My name is Landis Wade.  I am an attorney in Charlotte, N.C.  As my first post on this blog makes clear,  I am straight but not narrow. 

I am still getting used to blogging and the technology associated with it.  If you want to email me at my personal email address, with comments, links or suggestions,  please do so at landis.wade@gmail.com.  Thanks for reading and I welcome your input.

4 Responses to About

  1. polifrog says:

    Visit edcone.com. He is leading an attack on the amendment based on the wording which he argues will eliminate the civil union choice. He has a point. He has many posts a day with active comments, so use the search bar and type Amendment 1.

    That aside, I feel the court should be reigned in (it is not for the court to decide the definition of a term, it is for the citizen to decide) and for that reason I support this legislation. I only wish it was less focused.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I looked at this site and it is correct to say that Amendment One will prevent the State from allowing civil unions. If you are against gay marriage but you are open to the equitable concept of civil unions — giving gays and lesbians the same civil benefits available to married couples without the marriage title — then vote against this amendment. The original language of the bill focused on marriage only, but some in the legislature felt the need to go further and foreclose all rights given by the state, rights that come from the government and not from God.

  2. j bengel says:

    The mountain standing before the opposition has always been voter education. Poll after poll makes clear that if people knew what they were buying, they wouldn’t buy it. The key to defeating the amendment is to get people to vote based on what it IS and not what they THINK it is or what they would LIKE for it to be. I don’t know how much traffic you’re getting, but I hope it’s significant. Thank you for your reasoned and cogent arguments.

  3. t. wagner says:

    Looks like a great website. I enjoyed reading your post of gratitude and the one on NC history. I hope it remains up for late seekers and learners:-) and future attempts at overturning this. I just moved to Buncombe county and wasn’t able to vote, but I’m thankful to live in a county that voted against it. Thanks for your dedication.

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