The Roller Coaster of Healing and Christmas Magic

It’s been a while since I posted on this site. After the North Carolina voters passed Amendment One, I’ve been holding onto my seat as if it were the front car in a roller coaster ride.

We’ve seen some excited highs and sharp lows. The depth of Amendment One was overshadowed by the pinnacle of marriage equality from the United States Supreme Court.

Then the legislature of North Carolina saw fit to cast aside anti-discrimination policies by the City of Charlotte with a discriminatory bill known as HB2 that has become a national punching bag.

Then we faced a presidential election where civility seemed to be an afterthought and hate groups felt emboldened to come out of hiding.

Equity continues to be a fight worth having, but the fight intensifies. So let’s stay vigilant.

I want to share with you some fun work I’ve been doing the past two years. Rather than blogging, I’ve been writing books. Fiction. Courtroom dramas, but with a magical twist.

I decided to use the courtroom to address the question on the minds of children and some adults at this time of year: Is Santa real?

Despite the colorful covers (see below), these are books for children of all ages (9 to 99), but only if you have the willingness to try to believe again.

One of my characters says it well. Belief is free. No one can take it away from you. That is true, whether you believe in Santa Claus, or something else more important, like your religion, your family, those less fortunate, diversity and equity. Did I say diversity and equity? Yes, I did.

One of my reviewers called my first book – The Christmas Heist – a cross between Miracle on 34th Street and My Cousin Vinny. I tried to carry the humor and magic into the second book.

If you want something to make you feel good this holiday season, consider giving my books a read.

You can find them on Amazon in print or eBook, or at the following book stores: Park Road Books in Charlotte, Main Street Books in Davidson, Foggy Pine Books in Boone and Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh.

You also can learn more about my books at my website:

All the best this Christmas season!


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