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Buzzardgate, Campbellgate or Tamigate — Uncovering the Amendment One truth behind the Campbell law professors’ paper

In the last ten days, three legal “experts” from Campbell Law School parachuted in to try to save the legal day for the “For” side of this debate. Up until recently, the “For” side’s strategy in this debate was simple.  Ride the wave of … Continue reading

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Guest Post – A Legal Analysis of Amendment One by Family Law Professor Suzanne Reynolds

This post is courtesy of Family Law professor Suzanne Reynolds of Wake Forest University School of Law, where she also serves as Executive Associate Dean Academic Affairs. Suzanne Reynolds is widely respected for her scholarship and teaching about family law and for her … Continue reading

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Guest Post – UNC Law School Professor Maxine Eichner responds to the Amendment One legal analysis of Professor Wallace

This is a post courtesy of UNC law school professor Maxine Eichner, in which she responds to a recent post by Campbell law professor Gregory Wallace on the legal issues of Amendment One. Professor Eichner attended Yale College and Yale … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Campbell Law School Professor Gregory Wallace challenges some of the legal arguments against Amendment One

This post is courtesy of Professor Gregory Wallace, who teaches constitutional law at Campbell Law School, with a concentration in free speech, church and state, and constitutional interpretation.  He received his J.D. degree from the University of Arkansas-Little Rock School of … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions about Amendment One – Part II

Q.  Has the term “domestic legal union”, which appears in Amendment One, ever been defined by the NC courts? A.  No. Legal scholars agree on this point. Q.  Will the term “domestic legal union” require interpretation by the courts? A.  Yes.  … Continue reading

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Where is the morality in Amendment One?

Many people are planning to vote for Amendment One because they want to vote “for marriage”. In fact, the campaign by the supporters of Amendment One have made it clear that this vote is about marriage.  This is evidenced in their sermons, … Continue reading

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40 Posts in the Amendment One Wilderness – Many Suppporters are not listening – But there is hope

When I started this Truth project, several months and 40 posts ago, my goal was to contribute to public education on the subject of Amendment One. I have tried to be true to that goal.  I have provided information about … Continue reading

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