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The WFAE forum – Defining Marriage – It showed the need for more education

On Thursday night, March 29th, at Spirit Square in Charlotte, WFAE held a forum on Amendment One.  The intentions were good, but something wasn’t right. The first thing I noticed that gave me concern was the title selected for the discussion: “Defining Marriage”.   … Continue reading

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Tis Tis Tillis — The Young and the Inclusive Don’t Matter — At least not for another 20 years

This week, The Charlotte Observer, ran a front page story and an editorial regarding the recent comments of NC House Speaker Thom Tillis, one of the proponents of Amendment One. What Tillis said to a group of students at NC State was … Continue reading

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March Madness – Will there be a Cinderella story for Amendment One?

Greg Gumble:   Welcome to March Madness, on CBS.  This is your host, Greg Gumble, bringing you the latest, along with a panel of experts, on the exciting story of this tournament, a story that has a 16 seed trying to win a title.  They want to … Continue reading

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No contraception and Amendment One – strange constitutional bedfellows

The front page of the local section of The Charlotte Observer on Saturday, March 24th, reported on a midday rally the day before in front of the Charlotte federal courthouse. “Hundreds rally uptown”, said the headline, followed by the subheading: “Largely … Continue reading

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Guest Post – Russell Robinson writes and speaks out against Amendment One

This post is courtesy of Russell Robinson, a well-respected NC attorney.  Unfortunately, there is not enough room here to list his many professional recognitions and accomplishments and his spirited community involvement. As evidenced by this post, he is, in addition to being a … Continue reading

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Legal prejudice will not prevail in the long run — let “Loving” be our guide

Many people I talk with say that opposing Amendment One is a losing battle. If they are right, then on May 8th, a majority of voters will write legal prejudice against gays and lesbians into the NC constitution. In June 1958, it was legal prejudice of a … Continue reading

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Our NC government admits that the impact of this amendment is unclear, so it must be true

Did you know that we have a law in NC that requires a government committee of high-ranking officials to explain to voters what they are voting on when it comes to constitutional amendments?  It’s called the “Constitutional Amendments Publication Commission” … Continue reading

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